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Dined at Dans Le Noir

on Wednesday 03 May 2017
It was a great day in London, although the traffic was a nightmare and the weather was not as expected or hoped. We did prove how fit we were and that we could do it! We climbed 52 metres in 20 minutes which wasn’t bad going at all.
We had some fantastic views at the top and waved to the planes above us!
If it’s on your DO IT LIST, why not get going and just do it!

After conquering the O2, we had headed to Clerkenwelll Green via the Emirates Cable car, the DLR and a couple of London Taxis to reward ourselves with a Prosecco or two and the testing our other human senses with a completely unique dining experience – at Dans Le Noir (yes, if can understand French – a restaurant ‘in the dark’). It was excellent!

We’re now looking forward to our next fantastic ‘adventure’ – 16 days in PERU & THE AMAZON – October 2017. Want to join us?

Dans Le Noir - Menu Choice




             BLUE – FISH               GREEN – VEGETARIAN             RED – MEAT


Guests can choose among a limited choice of Surprise Menus. The idea is that each guest should not know exactly what he or she will be eating… just the general category (white, Blue, Green or Red). It’s all about the flavours, aromas, textures and seasonings. It is an old principle often used in the industry, called “blind tasting”.

The concept behind the Dans Le Noir menu is to re-educate your palate and mind, to make you truly experience the flavours being presented. Totally deprived of light, your eyes cannot deceive you, so therefore all preconceptions are gone.

At Dans le Noir you are not asked what you would like to eat, but rather what you CANNOT eat. We take into account all your dietary requirements when taking the order, so we always make certain you won’t have any ingredients you are allergic to or need to avoid eating for any reason.

Thanks to these precautions, each visitor can explore the adventure and enjoy the great excitement of the Surprise Menus!

The Surprise Menus are adapted in various ways, according to the seasons. The menus change every two or three months.
At Dans le Noir, fresh products are the norm, and when possible vegetables will be organic and seasonal, with line caught fish, free-range and grass-fed meats , and when possible, trade products. Cuisine is created by local, innovative chefs.

The approach of cooking at “Dans le Noir?” is to increase your senses in the dark and to separate tastes on your plate with the very best sensory experience, which is informative, complete and as interesting as possible.

All dietary requirements catered for when requested at time of booking.

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We so enjoyed ourselves on Tuesday Lin, and it was a “mystery” right up until 3pm – well done. I’m so glad I found Solent Events. It’s so much more fun going with other like-minded people & takes the responsibility out of driving.

Maureen Colyer

Mystery Tour

Dear Lin, Thank you for sending the photographs from ‘Collabro’ at the BIC. We had a lovely first outing with Solent Events. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

Linda Hunt

Hi Lin, Just a quick thank you from us both for arranging such a brilliant day yesterday. We had such a lovely time and the hi-light for us was the steam train trip! Looking forward to the next Mystery Tour

Sue & Bert Barnes

Mystery Tour

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