January/February 2025
Another exclusive & exciting small group Winter Sun holiday with solent events on tour!

After experiencing another  wonderful Winter Sun holiday during our Canary Island Cruise in January 2023,
Solent Events is offering a truly unique opportunity to not only relax , but also to explore TWO beautiful islands of the Cape Verde Archipelago for a once-in-a-lifetime, exclusive small group holiday (max 15) – and at the same time, get away  from a cold & dreary UK winter!

Cape Verde is famous for its warm tropical climate, volcanic islands, wonderful musicians and delicious cuisine. It’s becoming popular with Europeans as a winter escape as it’s the next best thing to the all-the-year-round Caribbean – but not so far to travel! The time difference is just 1 hour behind UK time too.

For some, the idea of a Cape Verde holiday is shrouded in mystery – reserved only for the most intrepid traveller. Yet, whether you’re a beach lover, an adventurer, or a culture lover, this all-the-year round destination has something for everyone – and is a big Bucket List tick-off, especially if you would prefer, like us, to visit somewhere before it becomes too well-known … and touristy!

It’s only a 5 ½ hr direct flight from the UK but offers that year-round sunshine — with temperatures rarely falling below 20C. Average daily max is 25C with 6-hours of sun, so it’s the ideal place to head for a spot of winter sun and relaxation.

We will not only experience the cultures of two beautiful islands (Sal & Santiago), but we will also have plenty of time to unwind on sandy beaches, by the hotel pools, swimming in clear turquoise waters and exploring at leisure.

If you’re not the type to spend 12-days solid on a beach like most of our Solent Events clients, you can be a bit more adventurous by exploring TW of the islands. They have spectacular scenery, pretty local villages & fishing ports, markets & wine producers. In fact, the Portuguese/North African/Brazilian influences of these islands are set to enthrall you.
This fascinating, volcanic archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the NW coast of Africa, about 600km west of Senegal. Cape Verde shares maritime borders with Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, and Senegal.

The first island of Cape Verde to be inhabited was Santiago (where we will stay for 5-nights), founded in 1462 and colonized by the Portuguese, with the first slave-trade captives arriving from West Africa in the 16th century.


Sal Island – a beach lover’s paradise. In addition to its beaches, Sal is the flattest island in the archipelago and is also characterised by lunar landscapes, small oasis and salt flats. While the island was a centre of salt mining for a long time, hence the name “Sal” (salt), in the meantime it is used almost exclusively for its own needs and for its a steadily growing tourism, so relax and soak up the sun on its endless stretches of pristine white sand and swim in the warm, clear turquoise waters.

Santiago Island – the largest and most diverse of the islands. It is also home to the country’s capital city, Praia, where visitors will be treated to impressive views of its lush greenery, rolling hills and dramatic landscapes,  vibrant street markets, colourful streets of the historic Ribeira Grande and the Praia do Tarrafal, recognised as one of the best beaches in the area. You can even take a horseback ride along the coast. 

As we know, there’s no better way to spend a grey, cold UK January than in tropical sunshine and exploring pastures unknown, so please think about joining our small, like-minded group!

The final pick-up times and details of our journey will be shown in a  comprehensive Travel Pack delivered to your door 8-10 days before departure, but in the meantime, if you have any queries or questions, however small, please do not hesitate to ask. See the proposed itinerary below

VISAS Visitors from the UK for stays of up to 30 days do not now require a visa, but in place of a visa, there is an Airport Security Tax (AST). The Cape Verde Airport Security Tax is to cover the costs for border security, prevention and safety. The form (and payment of approx Eu31) must be submitted no later than 7-days prior to departure. Solent Events will endeavour to complete these forms for all guests if at all possible.

NB. This tour may not be suitable for those with limited or very slow mobility as some walking on uneven ground, steps and gradients may be encountered during the tour.

21 November 2023 – BOOKINGS NOW ON REQUEST ONLY – the maximum number of guests for this tour is 15. The price now depends on flight price & room availabilty, so please ask for an up-to-date (without obligation) quote TODAY!

A few images of our two hotels on the beautiful islands of
Sal & Santiago, nestled in the
Cape Verde archipelago


PRICE: only £2,995pp

What's Included?

What's Not Included?

Our Winter Sun Holiday is arranged in conjunction with Award-winning, Archipelago Choice of Keswick, who are fully bonded for your total peace of mind and financial protection.

ARCHIPELAGO CHOICE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT LOW IMPACT, RESPONSIBLE TOURISM and believe it’s vital to keep the Cape Verde &  Azores islands unspoilt, special places for wildlife, local people and visitors alike. When you visit the islands, you will notice that they try to offer accommodation in smaller family establishments (where possible) and those which blend in well with the environment.  As a member of AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators), their efforts have been recognised by achieving the highest 5-star award for our responsible tourism and give information on how to be an environmentally friendly traveller to all clients.

They are also proud to be involved in and contribute to, several community and conservation projects around the islands:
* Institute on Sao Vicente for children aged 0-12 years providing essential services, including a support centre in Mindelo for child victims of violence, sexual abuse and those that have been abandoned. They also provide an emergency helpline number, a bit like the UK Childline.
* A kindergarten on Santo Antao based at a guesthouse in the  beautiful Paul valley, this kindergarten offers young children in the area the  only opportunity for education for miles around.
* A Medical centre in Cha das Caldeiras on Fogo for the 600-1000 people living there who found it difficult to get to healthcare.
* Natura 2000 Loggerhead Turtle project based on Boavista where paying clients directly fund the ongoing conservation on this endangered species and their nesting grounds.

CURRENCY : The Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE) is the local currency. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money when buying the local currency, it is advisable to carry euros or use ATMs. There is a fixed rate of exchange between the Euro and the CV Escudo which means you don’t have to worry too much about currency exchange fluctuations if you are carrying Euros. Payment methods: A high number of shops, hotels and restaurants accept credit & debit cards. However, as things can change from place to place and island to islands, it’s best to always carry some cash. Most tourist spots accept payments in euros and prices are normally  indicated in euros.

HOTEL TAX: All hotels in Cape Verde are reuired to charge a room tax of €2.50 pppn. Unfortunately this tax cannot be pre-paid or included in holiday cost, as all hotels are required to issue a guest invoice at either check-in or departure in order to collect the tax.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is advisable to take out travel insurance at the time of  booking. Your Travel Insurance should include: Worldwide Travel; COVID isolation or positive test at home or whilst abroad; medical emergencies; cancellations; any activities included in the holiday; other intended activities undertaken privately.

PASSPORTS: Please check the validity of your passport. Passports should be valid for a minimum of 6-months from the date of ARRIVAL in Cape Verde

VISA: If you have a British Citizen passport, you can now enter Cape Verde as a visitor for up to 30 days without a visa (EASE), but  before departure, you will be asked to complete and pay an online Cape Verde Airport Security Tax form (AST) replacing the Cape Verde Visa (approx EU31pp)

BEACHES: On the island of Sal you will find many vast white sandy beaches. There is something for everyone. Santa Maria Beach, where we will be staying, is the most famous beach and cannot be missed, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sal. The beach is even one of the seven natural wonders of the Cape Verde Islands. The  beach is located at the seaside town of Santa Maria.
The wide beach is approximately 3 to 4 kilometres long and consists of white/yellow sand. With the combination of an azure blue ocean – with a warm temperature – makes it an ideal place to relax. At the end of September, the sea reaches a temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius. The Santa Maria beach is a also a favourite spot for the Caretta Caretta Turtle. In the vicinity of the beach there are accommodations, pavilions and water sports facilities.

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